Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Pretty College Girl Promotes Race Realism

The intellectual bastion of YouTube has been rocked by a shocking discovery: a pretty, young woman who believes in race. Anti-racists fumbled nervously in damage-control mode, as they attempted to persuade the YouTube community that this woman was not, in fact, attractive, her videos notwithstanding. They further explained that if too many hot women became Sarah Palin-like activists for such a paradigm, the outcome would be forced sterilizations and genocidal atrocities.

The weakness of the ten’s arguments only further evinced the fact that she was indeed a hottie unaccustomed to the rigors of needing to persuade with words. She flicked her hair as she asked races to move into separate countries, which immediately resulted in a ten-point approval bump for segregation, according to Rasmussen.

After the initial shock, anti-racists put together a list of talking points about races not being real, except for the Neandertal race, or something. Anyway, about a third through her video she tilted her head and smiled in a very feminine manner. I shall be live-blogging her interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.


The Reluctant Apostate said...

While it is nice to see a more "vernacular" appeal to human biological diversity and many of the things she says are true, I doubt that many of a more mainstream view on the matter of race would find her appeal persuasive. Obviously as people who agree with most of what she said, there's some resonance, but for those of different perspective, the foreign message coupled with what is not particularly solid argumentation will result in its easy dismissal.

She is attractive, but that has never been persuasive for me on intellectual matters. I may be underestimating the power it has on others, but from my standpoint, it's mainly encouraging in that it shows someone willing to challenge the orthodoxy on this matter and show her face.

Kiwiguy said...

The video now says 'private'. Did she appear on Piers Morgan's show? What was her name?

nooffensebut said...

No, you will have to pardon my undignified behavior. Usually I am completely trustworthy, and I usually post links for sources because I am unworthy of your trust. This time I took liberties with truth for what I felt at the time was my idea of a joke. She will not be appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight. The Rasmussen poll was also, if you can believe it, a joke. However, I was being absolutely, completely honest about her being pretty, and you may judge for yourself on her YouTube channel, which has similar videos that are still public.

Kiwiguy said...

Haha, I suspected that might be tongue in cheek but thought I'd check anyway.

I looked up her videos. Her reading list looks pretty good & I'm glad to see she is currently reading the g factor.

I posted the link to Roissy's old site and someone rated her a 6.5. Personally I would say at least a 7.5. Amazing what a difference it makes to have an attractive female presenter - exactly what HBD needs.

Kiwiguy said...

Just another thing, I find it particularly hilarious that she was part of a YouTube atheist group before she came out with these HBD views. In my experience, based on the Richard Dawkins' forum & Rational Skeptism sites, online atheists tend to be particularly hostile to HBD. They like believing in evolution to feel superior to conservatives, but don't like its actual implications.