Thursday, November 1, 2012

Arthur Jensen & JP Rushton

As many regular readers probably know, two controversial psychometricians, Arthur Jensen and Jean Philippe Rushton, recently died. I had collected nearly every document that the two had published with the intention of widely sharing. Unfortunately, a catastrophic hard drive failure erased most of it. For now, here are books by them and a televised debate featuring Rushton.

Arthur Jensen - The g Factor

JP Rushton - Race, Evolution, & Behavior (Unabridged)


Anonymous said...

For now, here are books by them

Thank you, good sir.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, never read the full Rushton.

Kiwiguy said...

Thanks, many of Rushton's publications can be found in the personal section of the Charles Darwin Institute's site.

Kiwiguy said...

Interview with Jensen in Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics Fall 2006, Vol. 31, No. 3, pp. 327–352

MH said...

For your information, there are other videos about Rushton, from another race-realist youtuber.

Race Realism Debate: Is There Genetic Differences Between Races? 1/3
Race Realism Debate: Is There Genetic Differences Between Races? 2/3
Race Realism Debate: Is There Genetic Differences Between Races? 3/3

Anonymous said...

In 1990 at the behest of Professor Rushton and of Harry Weyher of the Pioneer Fund and probably of Travis Osborne, chief advisor to Weyher--distinguished academics were asked to write letters defendig Rushton's academic rights vis a vis persecution by the University of Western Ontario and "the media". 45 of them did so. These Letters were bound together and presented variously to the UWO administration , to psychologists, to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, to the Ontario AG, etc etc. No assertion of copyright was ever made. It is a bit odd over 22 years they have not been made reasonably accessible. They make a resonant statement and juxtposed to such
"information" as the wikipedia entry for Professor Rushton, they tend to boomerang big time the shoddy detractors and PC attack dogs.

charlie said...

good riddance.

M said...

@ Charlie,

Why? Jensen is one of the most eminent psychologists in history. Both were incredibly brave to stick to the data despite the unpopular conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.