Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why YouTube Sucks Episode II – The Phantom Menace

I must apologize for taking a break from expanding the MAOA bibliography to interject myself into a YouTube debate about heredity.


Viewer said...

If you wanted to comment on pc propaganda I'd also recommend reviewing books on Amazon. I have reviewed a number of books, including 'The Better Angels of Our Nature' in which I borrowed your criticisms regarding MAO-A research. It's an enjoyable and easy way to reach mainstream readers.

dondiego said...

Fascinating blog. Can't remember where I bookmarked it from... I will be certain to check back, as a few years ago the T.V said Maori's did NOT have a warrior gene as they (being you, I guess) couldn't find one.
If you search "Maori" you'll probably get the lie they are "indigenous" and no mention of comparable (to groid) violence.

I was surprised to see New Zealand didn't take first place for infanticide, that's how good the maries are.

Thanks, see you again~

Anonymous said...

I found this book review in New Scientist about the physiological causes of violence. MAOA is mentioned as a notable genetic cause.

Have you seen this book?

Anonymous said...

Have fun with this one. Look forward to reading your comments on youtube...

Anonymous said...

When did 'they' dumb the SATs down?
And do you have a breakdown of 'IQ to SAT scores' pre PC era?

pc is poli correct, not pers computer.